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Stop harassing phone calls from creditors

Find a solution to your debt problems by coming to James H. Holder Jr, Attorney At Law. No detail will be left unattended in the quest to ease the heavy burden of your debt and stop creditor phone calls, garnishments, foreclosures, repossessions and pending lawsuits. Call for a free phone consultation now.

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Bankruptcy protection is available to protect you from your financial  obligations which have become unmanageable regardless of fault. The law is designed to provide people a fresh start from financial situations ridden with debt. The primary tools available to provide for that fresh start are, a chapter 7 bankruptcy which discharges most common debt, and a chapter 13 bankruptcy which discharges most common debt and requires a reasonable monthly payment to creditors over a period of time. Chapter 13 bankruptcy can provide debtors with the means to catch up on their missed and or late house payments and car payments and restore peace to their lives.


See Bankruptcy FAQ's for more details on debts that may be discharged.

Comprehensive services:

It is simple, make a free phone call, then make an in office consultation to meet with Mr. Holder, a second meeting will be made to pull your credit report, and gather data, then a final meeting to review and file your bankruptcy petition.


If you are in need of advice on how bankruptcy can help restore peace to your life, give Mr. Holder a call today.

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Benefit from an intimate familiarity with the law that is gained from over 22 years of experience and dedication.

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